Michael Powell

Associate Professor (without tenure) of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Address: 2001 Sheridan Road, Ste. 607, Evanston, IL 60208-2001
Phone: (847) 491-8676

Research Interests: Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics, Relational Contracts, Theory of the Firm


Managing Careers in Organizations, with Rongzhu Ke and Jin Li, JOLE, Accepted. Presentation Slides.

Power Dynamics in Organizations, with Jin Li and Niko Matouschek, AEJ: Micro, February 2017. Presentation Slides.

An Influence-Cost Model of Organizational Practices and Firm BoundariesJLEO, August 2015. Presentation Slides.

Organization and Information: Firms' Governance Choices in Rational-Expectations Equilibrium, with Robert Gibbons and Richard Holden, QJE, November 2012.

Unpublished Papers

Policies in Relational Contracts, with Dan Barron, revised Dec 2016. Presentation Slides.

Handing out Guns at a Knife Fight: Behavioral Limitations of Subgame-Perfect Implementation, with Ernst Fehr and Tom Wilkening, revised October 2016.

Productivity and Credibility in Industry Equilibrium, revised June 2016. R&R, RAND.

Multilateral Cooperation under Uncertainty, with Jin Li, revised March 2015. R&R, GEB.

Work in Progress

Sticking Points: Common Agency Problems and Contracting in the U.S. Healthcare System, with Brigham Frandsen and James B. Rebitzer. Presentation Slides.

Implementing Change in Organizations, with Jin Li, Niko Matouschek, and Xi Weng.

Managing Firm Growth, with Rongzhu Ke and Jin Li.

Labor-Market Regulations and Workers' Careers in Organizations, with Rongzhu Ke and Jin Li.


Lecture notes for Organizational Economics PhD class, Spring 2016.